New Home Basement Waterproofing

We are building a new home and would like to have the basement waterproofed. Does your company do that type of work?


Thanks for your inquiry,

We install a waterproofing membrane that is intended for use where significant water is anticipated in the area (often for structures at the bottom of a slope or other locations where water is directed towards the foundation).  Most foundation contractors will install a damp “proofing” product that helps reduce water vapor from coming through the wall but not intended as a waterproof barrier.  We don’t do any damp proofing.

From the plans provided, it looks like the basement has 8 ft ceilings and approximately 170 linear feet of basement wall. One of the benefits of the product we propose to use is that we can extend the membrane above grade. The material will need to be installed after the overnight temperatures are above freezing (that may be in May in your neck of the woods).  We will cover the entire wall from at least 6″ out on the footing and to the top of the wall.  The system includes installation of a protective “scratch coat” for the part of the wall above grade and a little below. We will need to wait to do the work at least 10 days after the concrete is placed (and a minimum of 3 days after the forms have been removed.

The cost for the membrane installation as described is based primarily on the area to be coated.  The bottom portion of the wall will need to be either covered with scratch coat, drain board, or if the soil is very clean and no rocks or gravel, we can carefully back-filled within 48 hours of the placement of the membrane (the material is UV sensitive). The membrane is installed instead of damp-proofing (and they are not compatible products).

I know a waterproofing membrane may be overkill for a typical basement wall but it is a great product. The membrane system comes with a 20 yr warranty.