Leaking Crack in Basement

We have an unfinished basement with a small crack in the corner of the foundation about 1 foot off the floor. We’ve noticed that it only leaks water when the sprinklers are running, and have tried capping some and adjusting others, but we still have the leak. I have not seen any water come in as a result of snow melting or heavy rain. We are worried that filling the crack may be a short term solution. We had another estimate today that would put a drain beneath the floor as a more permanent solution for $830. Is that something you guys offer as well? Do you think filling it will be a permanent solution and the drain is overkill? I can send pictures / floor plans if anything helps build an estimate.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Jeremy,

We have looked at the picture you sent. It appears that you have a small cold joint creating the nearly horizontal area that is leaking. The cold joint is associated with the placement of the concrete during the original construction. If there is a significant period of time between the placement of one batch and the subsequent batch placement, complete bonding of the two batches may not occur.

We can treat this the same way we treat other cracks and joints and inject resin into the joint with a high pressure system to seal the joint all the way through the wall. We do have several systems for collecting water from a crack and directing it to a drain installed in the slab. We prefer only use these alternative systems if we are unable to prevent the water from penetrating the wall.in the first place. If that is the only leak you have we can seal it with polyurethane (10 year warranty) for $445 (also our minimum repair cost).

Thank you, PC