Foundation Repair

This is our primary service. The information is summarized below or you can visit our other website for additional information. Click Here If you recognize any of the following signs and symptoms affecting your property, please do not delay in contacting us for an appointment with one of our skilled consultants or technicians. We offer free consultation for home owners: call  702-366-1165. Often, for simple projects, we can evaluate your needs online or by phone. Ram Jack System repairs come with a written warranty.


Common Causes of Foundation Settlement 

  • Common Foundation Settlement Origins Soil shrinkage resulting from loss of moisture. (evaporation, , sun, wind, transpiration)
  • Fill soil under-compacted during construction. Failure of soil (original)low density, poor soil conditions

Interior Signs of Foundation Damage

  • Doors and Windows misaligned
  • Cracks appearing in drywall
  • Windows and Doors that stick
  • Floors sloping Tiled surfaces and concrete cracking
  • Water leaking into basement

Signs of Exterior Foundation Damage

  • Brick work cracking
  • Gaps developing at windows and doors
  • Visible cracks in the Foundation
  • Fascia pulling away

Our Foundation Repair Solutions

You can trust Intermountain Foundation Repair Experts

Intermountain Foundation Repair, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with all the information needed to make educated decisions when solving the issues occurring with their foundations.. We would encourage you to read our information about the foundation services we provide, and contact us to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Foundation Settlement Repair
Intermountain Foundation Repair, Inc. uses the superior RAM JACK System for foundation repair and support. Ram Jack’s patented system drives structural support pile deep into a competent bearing layer which ensures firm support. The piles are designed to hold more weight to endure beyond the competition. Ram Jack combines helical and hydraulically driven steel pile with a proven history that individually holds 30,000 to 150,000 lbs. depending on the pile type selected The materials used to create the steel pile have been tested and specifically selected for its distinctively high quality to resist bending and buckling. Great benefits to this system include little disturbance to landscape, and timely completion of your project. Due to the high quality of the materials, Intermountain Foundation Repair, Inc. is able to provide a lifetime warranty for hydraulically driven pile.

Helical & Pre-Construction piles

For stabilizing light loaded structural members such as porch columns, interior floors, slabs and wing walls, the helical pile system is an excellent choice. Heavier structures can be supported by Helical piles if the soil conditions are suitable with higher bearing requirements. The Ram Jack helical pile has a screw together connection which makes is particularly useful when applied for wall tie backs and uplift resistant anchors. This patented system can give peace of mind that the issue has been solved.

With new construction projects, pre-construction helical piles perform in expansive soils, areas with high water tables, fill areas, and areas where unstable soils require pile. Significant cost savings can result from the use of pre-construction piles when compared to deep over excavation or cast in place reinforced concrete pile. Ram Jack pre construction pile can bear ultimate loads from 30,000 to 150,000 lbs. each.

Other Structural Crack Repair 

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Concrete Lifting/Slab Jacking

Learn more about concrete lifting (slab jacking) here. 

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